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An organization in the field calls itself Concerned United Birthparents—CUB, for short. bisexual. Homosexual,- often used in self-reference by people who have not fully come to grips with their SEXUAL ORIENTATION. For example, from the account of a National Football League player, who later came all the way out of the closet: "'Bisexual' is a term Stiles and I would use about ourselves at that time. . That is a way of putting it, I guess, that's intended to make it more acceptable, maybe even to other football players.

See also TOILET. bd (also B&D or B/D). Bondage and discipline, in classified ads of a very personal nature. See also S/M and, for an example of "bd" in use, the classified ad in FRENCH. beautician. A person who works in a beauty parlor, especially a hairdresser. " The earliest known example of "beautician" comes from a Cleveland, Ohio, telephone directory of 1924. The sonorous appelation seems to have caught on quickly, since, by 1926, newspapers from as far away as Scotland were commenting upon it, e.

They were expected to remain virgins until they married" (Barry McCarthy, What You Still Don't Know About Male Sexuality, 1977). To go all the way is the same as to go the whole route or the LIMIT. See also GO. alter. To castrate or spay, as in "It's time to have kitty altered. " In the nineteenth century, even farmers used alter, as well as the similarly bland change and arrange, in preference to "castrate. " See also BILATERAL ORCHIDECTOMY. altogether. Naked,- in one's BIRTHDAY SUIT. "Altogether" is an example of Reverse English, its euphemistic meaning, "without clothes," being almost precisely opposite its formal dictionary definition, "Completely .

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