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By Committee to Review NASA 's Exploration Technology Development Program, National Research Council

In January 2004, President George W. Bush introduced the imaginative and prescient for area Exploration (VSE), which recommended NASA to 'Extend human presence around the sunlight method, beginning with a human go back to the Moon by means of the 12 months 2020, in training for human exploration of Mars and different destinations,' between different targets. As stated within the VSE, major expertise improvement might be essential to accomplish the targets it articulates.NASA's Exploration expertise improvement application (ETDP) is designed to help, increase, and finally give you the priceless applied sciences to fulfill the objectives of the VSE. This ebook, a evaluate of the ETDP, is generally supportive of the rationale and pursuits of the VSE, and reveals the ETDP is making growth in the direction of the acknowledged objectives of know-how improvement. besides the fact that, the ETDP is working inside of major constraints which restrict its skill to effectively accomplish these objectives - the nonetheless dynamic nature of the Constellation software requisites, the limitations imposed via a constrained finances, the competitive time scale of early expertise deliverables, and the will to totally hire the NASA group.

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The time line requires TRL 5 hardware for the Lander system requirement review by March 2012 and TRL 6 hardware for the EVA PDR by September 2012. This is due to the combination of the present state of development of lithium-sulfur and lithium-metal batteries and the very low level of planned future resources allocated to their development, particularly in the areas of safety and cycle life. Similarly, while the work on primary fuel cells is nearly on track to meet schedule requirements, that on regenerative fuel cells needs to be accelerated to meet the Constellation Program’s schedule requirements for the lunar surface systems.

The achievement of a TRL of 6 or higher before the PDR of various exploration elements may not be realized owing to the lack of these essential tests, mostly caused by funding or scheduling limitations. In some cases, the lack of a fully integrated system test before the flight may lead to undesirable risks. It was mentioned that the Constellation Program Office is evaluating the risks associated with bypassing some of these tests or the eventuality of not achieving the desired TRL 6 by the PDR.

The current projects include the Orion efforts, which are now moving toward the integrated system test phase and toward early work on the planned Lander tasks. Ratings Quality: Yellow Flag The emphasis of the Thermal Control Systems project is to re-engineer and optimize the existing Apollo s­ ystems to reduce their resource requirements (mass and power). Another aim of the effort is to transfer the technical knowledge from the older to the younger generation of engineers through the redesign of the old systems.

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