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Shneyerson was indignant that Stravinsky dared to 'oppose, in his persona of a political and ideological renegade, the mighty flourishing of culture of the great country of socialism' ( Grigory Shneyerson , 0 Muzyke Zhivoy i Myortvoy (On Music A live and Dead) , Sovetsky Kompozitor, Moscow, 1 960, p . 1 5 7). 34 Volkov' s essay was later published as ' Questo Boris e uno specchio oscuro' in L 'Europeo, 3 5 , 1 3 December 1 97 9 , p . 1 3 7 , accompanied by an interview with Volkov about the La Scala scandal and the Soviet campaign of p ressure (Oliviero Spinelli , 'Alla Scala sale al podio ii Maestro Kgb ' , p p .

204, again without mention of Volkov), and Lilya Brik, Mayakovsky' s long-time lover and a legendary Moscow hostess ( ' Darf ich I hnen die "Wolke" widmen ? ' , Die Zeit, 30, 22 July 1 98 3 , pp. 29-30). 1 Balanchine 's Tchaikovsky, transl . Antonina W . Bouis, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1 98 5 (hereafter Volkov, Balanchine 's Tchaikovsky); From Russia to the West, transl . by Antonina W . Bouis, Barrie & Jenkins, London/Henry Holt, New York, 1 990 (hereafter Milstein , From Russia to the West).

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